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User Game Character Type (PoFV Only) Difficulty (PoFV Only)
Player Game Characters Comments
Difficulty Time Handicap
mope SWR Suika vs. Suika i don't understand how you play with another player on the same computer but its fun to do it by yourself
-- 3:16 --
noodles vs sammich SWR Patchouli vs. Sakuya  
-- 6:11 --
Yuuki66 & Joseh12 SWR Iku vs. Reisen  
-- 2:9 --
Yuuki66 SWR Iku vs. Patchouli  
-- 2:7 --
Pokecatch SWR Yuyuko vs. Sakuya testing...
-- 3:16 --
Chiruno SWR Reisen vs. Reisen ..................
-- 5:1 --
RemiFlan SWR Iku vs. Marisa Hey guys I play scarlet weather rhapsody!
-- 1:3 --
Jamster70/Scarlet SWR Marisa vs. Yukari Marisa(Jamster) vs. Yukari(Scarlet)
-- 3:11 --
Edii SWR Reimu vs. Sakuya Edii vs RAISHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. First Battle.
-- 2:23 --
LinkthePhantom Rebirth47 SWR Tenshi vs. Patchouli Epic finisher by LTP. No Lie.
-- 2:0 --
Dakeyrus vs. RemmyX25 SWR Marisa vs. Sakuya Dakeyrus = Marisa, RemmyX25 = sakuya. lol, lazor fail
-- 4:35 --
Kojiro/Gpop SWR Yukari vs. Sakuya Just a really hard match that is one of my faves haha. Nothing too special happened in this match unlike the others. but i...
-- 4:16 --
Kojiro/Gpop SWR Reimu vs. Reimu My first match with Gpop ever. Story is: i was watching him play some people and noticed that we played Reimu very similar...
-- 5:44 --
Kojiro/Gpop SWR Reimu vs. Aya This was a match that we had at random like any other game. I was practicing my Aya since i never play her. But during BOT...
-- 2:37 --
Kojiro/Gpop SWR Komachi vs. Yukari Koji here. This is a replay of a match a friend and i had. What's special about it was that i was yukari using her telepor...
-- 3:38 --
KakashiSFS vs Destiny SWR Yuyuko vs. Remilia battle 4
-- 2:8 --
KakashiSFS vs Destiny SWR Yuyuko vs. Remilia battle 3 in this one you will notice 3 shield brake and an auto shield brake
-- 2:56 --
KakashiSFS vs Destiny SWR Yuyuko vs. Remilia =2nd battle= im not gonna upload all the 15 battles because i had only 9 and thats too much. uploading 4
-- 2:28 --
KakashiSFS vs Destiny SWR Yuyuko vs. Remilia first battle of 15 we had and it was a cool battle enjoy it
-- 3:32 --
Team1134 SWR Remilia vs. Remilia Fourth and final upload from that night. I forgot to mention with our previous three replays, player 1 is BRC, Player 2 i...
-- 3:26 --
Team1134 SWR Remilia vs. Remilia Third replay from BRC and Chaos. Not bad, though could've ended better.
-- 1:45 --
Team1134 SWR Remilia vs. Remilia Another Replay of BRC vs Chaos. The match starts slower, but picks up. Probably the best match of that evening.
-- 2:7 --
Team1134 SWR Remilia vs. Remilia A Remilia mirror match between BRC1134 and Chaos1134. From an evening of trying new deck setups. Could be better.
-- 4:12 --
Beany_one (Sakuya) vs. Mefidex SWR Remilia vs. Sakuya Crazy epic near the end.
-- 4:58 --