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User Game Character Type Difficulty Cleared
Tool-Assisted Replay (not marked by original uploader) Tool-Assisted Replay No Deaths No Focused Movement No Bomb Usage No Vertical Movement Pacifist Other Condition
Special Conditions Key
No Focused Movement No Bomb Usage No Vertical Movement No Deaths Tool-Assisted Replay Tool-Assisted Replay (not marked by original uploader) Pacifist Other Condition
No Focus No Bombs No Vertical No Deaths Tool-Assisted Unmarked
Tool Assist
Pacifist Other
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Player Character Score Date
Type Special
Game ⇑ Difficulty Slow % Clear?
Vitra ReimuA 118865980 2008-02-05 20:08:39 Normal   No deaths until Luna Dial. After that, it didn't pan out so well, but it's still a goo...
EoSD Normal 0.362% Y
HGR ReimuA 80646360 2008-02-24 01:55:04 Normal    
EoSD Normal 1.124% Y
Alex ReimuB 86380860 2008-02-24 22:55:22 Normal   Horrible run salvaged.
EoSD Extra 0.081% Y
SonicZeroX MarisaA 71925830 2008-03-07 13:49:11 Normal   OMG I ALMOST 1CCed EOSD NORMAL! I'll get you next time red magic!!!
EoSD Normal 0.371% N
Talaysen MarisaA 76629720 2008-03-07 14:11:13 Normal   Hard run. Got up to Vampire Illusion then choked. A lot better than any other run I h...
EoSD Hard 0.360% N
Shokatshin MarisaB 76145920 2008-03-12 19:52:40 Normal   My first 1cc in a Touhou game! ... Well... It's technically the fourth 1cc I've m...
EoSD Normal 1.151% Y
Talaysen ReimuA 72576630 2008-03-27 02:24:37 Normal   Another Hard attempt! Got to Remilia this time! Also, capped Eternal Meek due to not ...
EoSD Hard 0.369% N
Lynx190 ReimuA 132357260 2008-03-27 03:08:30 Normal   My best EoSD Normal run yet, finally capturing Red Magic for the first time (captured a...
EoSD Normal 0.324% Y
ETERNAL MarisaA 77187080 2008-04-06 10:15:57 Normal   0/0 clear. This game is bad for my heart >_>
EoSD Hard 0.337% Y
YU-RI-OH MarisaA 73499700 2008-04-17 16:14:24 Normal   First 1cc, my computer is slow, shut up. And dumb me needed all his bomnbs to realise R...
EoSD Normal 44.437% Y
Giles F. Ahrun MarisaA 69274040 2008-04-19 18:43:36 Normal   My best EoSD run for now... Despite the silly mistakes I've made and getting panicked i...
EoSD Normal 1.309% N
Roukan ReimuB 139056910 2008-04-23 11:12:11 Normal   OH GOD YES.
EoSD Extra 0.165% N
Giles F. Ahrun ReimuB 81108840 2008-04-24 07:47:01 Normal   My best run so far... Finally managed to reach the 6th Stage.... It's a pity I didn't m...
EoSD Normal 0.963% N
Phar MarisaA 427820600 2008-04-26 11:54:41 Normal   Scorerun using all the dirty tricks in the book. All cards captured except Silent Selen...
EoSD Extra 2.179% Y
Benit149 MarisaA 166480010 2008-04-28 14:24:57 Normal   EoSD Extra clear with MarisaB. I'm happy with capturing as many spellcards as I did, bu...
EoSD Extra 0.107% Y
Benit149 MarisaB 2577940 2008-04-28 18:26:57 Normal Pacifist Pacifist easy run with MarisaA. God, do I suck at dodging in stages 4 and 5. Damn you, ...
EoSD Easy 0.289% N
Phar MarisaA 467890740 2008-05-04 05:15:08 Normal   Oh hey, I beat my previous score by 40 million. Almost everything went exactly as it sh...
EoSD Extra 2.185% Y
Phar ReimuA 223504010 2008-05-16 14:53:23 Normal   A fairly unimpressive lunatic run capped by a near-flawless stage six run: no bombs use...
EoSD Lunatic 2.688% Y
Talaysen MarisaB 87921090 2008-05-20 20:09:35 Normal   ...I still cannot believe I actually did that.
EoSD Hard 0.332% Y
Phar ReimuA 16205560 2008-05-25 05:29:08 Normal No Focused MovementPacifist One-handed run: no focus, no bombs used, no shots fired. Ran out of lives on QED, 18 se...
EoSD Extra 0.304% N
nintendonut888 MarisaB 107936170 2008-05-31 00:40:44 Normal   The result of 5 months of fighting. I am perfectly satisfied with this run, although I ...
EoSD Hard 5.015% Y
nintendonut888 MarisaA 89137380 2008-05-31 00:42:59 Normal   I would have probably never pulled through with this one without support. Flandre's got...
EoSD Extra 16.471% Y
ETERNAL MarisaA 74941810 2008-06-09 14:00:00 Normal   Take that Flandre! After seemingly infinite retries, I finally cleared this evil stage....
EoSD Extra 0.141% Y
Otter ReimuA 111126790 2008-06-10 19:16:31 Normal   ReimuA Hard! 2/2 finish. This was my first EoSD run in a long time, but my memory act...
EoSD Hard 0.144% Y
D MarisaA 102181820 2008-06-17 00:19:31 Normal    
EoSD Normal 32.167% Y
Talaysen MarisaB 50892860 2008-06-21 13:40:53 Normal   I fail at being Lunatic. At least I capped Xtreem Kolor Tyfoon!
EoSD Lunatic 0.389% N
Phar ReimuB 213058770 2008-06-23 12:03:09 Normal   How to destroy Flandre in under four and a half minutes. All spellcards captured, no bo...
EoSD Extra 4.795% Y
Suikama MarisaA 68140980 2008-06-23 13:35:26 Normal   1CC Normal mode yeaaaaa! Okay run up until Remilia where I started losing lives left a...
EoSD Normal 0.385% Y
Talaysen ReimuB 36779750 2008-06-28 12:14:54 Normal No Bomb Usage Well, this wasn't supposed to be NB, but after dying twice to Cirno due to not bombing ...
EoSD Hard 0.373% N
Finali ReimuB 66985440 2008-06-29 13:06:47 Normal   I have this thing where I don't know ReimuB and it leads to bad times.
EoSD Hard 0.686% N
Finali ReimuB 76774730 2008-06-29 13:46:55 Normal   I have this thing where I obtain rage and it leads to better times but not the best times.
EoSD Hard 0.672% N
dot_asp ReimuB 167781120 2008-07-05 04:45:10 Normal   My very first Lunatic 1cc run! -ztz
EoSD Lunatic 0.616% Y
dot_asp ReimuA 265903660 2009-06-08 05:49:02 Normal   13 bombs, 21 SC captured, cleared on 2/1.
EoSD Lunatic 0.054% Y
nintendonut888 MarisaA 85506660 2008-07-12 23:39:26 Normal   Perfect stage 6 stage and battle. This run is one I'm pretty proud of other than a few ...
EoSD Normal 10.688% Y
fallen soul MarisaA 88377820 2008-07-14 19:31:46 Normal   My first normal 1cc. I even thought I would not make it when I lost the last extra life...
EoSD Normal 0.351% Y
fallen soul ReimuB 94131730 2008-07-14 19:34:42 Normal   First time playing serious with ReimuB. After clearing with MarisaA, it was not so hard.
EoSD Normal 0.186% Y
fallen soul ReimuA 98631850 2008-07-14 19:54:52 Normal   A lot easier after beating with ReimuB. ahhahaaha Err... Obvious mistakes on Stage 6....
EoSD Normal 0.315% Y
Bortrax MarisaA 113084330 2008-07-16 22:16:47 Normal   The stars align and I beat eosd extra by a fairly large margin.
EoSD Extra 0.146% Y
Drake MarisaB 80795660 2008-07-28 16:02:52 Normal   derp derp derp
EoSD Extra 0.413% N
spongdangly ReimuA 76599250 2008-07-31 19:49:26 Normal    
EoSD Easy 0.395% N
spongdangly ReimuA 85782970 2008-08-02 18:24:13 Normal    
EoSD Easy 0.394% N
Otter MarisaA 114164960 2008-08-03 22:01:09 Normal   Eh. Lousy run, no Philosopher's Stone cap, no Starbow, other disappointments. Cleared...
EoSD Extra 0.073% Y
Alex ReimuB 120528590 2008-08-04 05:01:56 Normal   QED capture. Yessssssssss.
EoSD Extra 0.086% Y
Otter ReimuB 107558820 2008-08-04 12:26:15 Normal   First try with ReimuB. Man, -I- want a QED capture.
EoSD Extra 0.075% Y
Otter MarisaB 115766530 2008-08-04 12:54:32 Normal   While I'm knocking these out, why not?
EoSD Extra 0.075% Y
Otter ReimuA 132961160 2008-08-04 13:18:32 Normal   And that's all four.
EoSD Extra 0.074% Y
nintendonut888 MarisaB 52389900 2008-08-09 13:43:57 Normal   w00t! I finally beat Flandre with my beloved Marisa B! Master Spark actually causes var...
EoSD Extra 11.197% Y
Leffe MarisaA 118224350 2008-08-19 12:47:48 Normal   Managed to figure out a way of forcing 60 FPS while avoiding the dreaded one frame lag....
EoSD Extra 0.164% Y
unknown player MarisaB 628952130 2008-09-01 10:27:15 Normal   Extra stage TAS, scores 629M.
EoSD Extra 97.546% Y
Alex MarisaA 89317240 2008-09-05 17:33:37 Normal   Stage 4 for Sage and others.
EoSD Lunatic 0.151% N
fallensoul MarisaA 81296710 2008-09-06 21:49:23 Normal   Well... Almost.
EoSD Extra 2.709% N
fallensoul MarisaA 89983030 2008-09-08 09:15:52 Normal   Gosh... I'm suffering...
EoSD Extra 3.956% N
fallensoul MarisaA 92616470 2008-09-10 16:25:13 Normal   Flandre Scarlet ga taosenai yo! She's invicible... From now and on, I name her Flandre...
EoSD Extra 3.922% N
Funen1 MarisaA 24998070 2010-03-18 20:26:07 Normal   My first attempt at EoSD Lunatic. Perfect Stage 1, and a 1DNB Cirno battle. Wasn't she ...
EoSD Lunatic 0.734% N
ChaosArbiter MarisaA 41315500 2008-09-14 22:13:52 Normal   Um, yeah, I used to be worse, actually.
EoSD Normal 0.537% N
ChaosArbiter MarisaA 36863000 2008-09-14 22:15:11 Normal   This is me on a good day. It really says something about me, doesn't it?
EoSD Normal 0.645% N
fallensoul MarisaA 146825910 2008-09-19 12:30:25 Normal   FINALLY! I could beat her at last! I have no words.
EoSD Extra 6.437% Y
ZNA ReimuB 494633680 2008-09-19 17:16:16 Normal   ZNA's Lunatic 494 mil; WR from 2006/04.
EoSD Lunatic 0.437% Y
fallensoul ReimuB 156059630 2008-09-21 21:24:25 Normal   Oh... After the first time, it is not so hard.
EoSD Extra 1.997% Y
Drake MarisaB 69535140 2008-10-02 19:35:49 Normal   How did this happen. I go in nearly full and crap out at the worst possible spots. G...
EoSD Extra 0.203% N
Anima Zero MarisaA 70814190 2008-10-09 19:45:02 Normal   Another 1cc for me, even if I did some really ugly and stupid things in the run such as...
EoSD Normal 0.348% Y
Anima Zero MarisaA 78279790 2008-10-10 07:09:21 Normal   Improved 1cc. Some parts went rather well such as capturing all of Patchy's spellcards...
EoSD Normal 0.343% Y
Pipokary ReimuA 99185900 2008-10-11 16:19:39 Normal   My First EoSD Replay, recently cleared with the ReimuA Levels -Poppy (Extra notes ...
EoSD Normal 97.523% Y
nintendonut888 ReimuB 80786300 2008-10-13 23:39:28 Normal   Nya ha ha ha ha! I finally beat this stage with Reimu! I did this primarily to view a n...
EoSD Extra 0.393% Y
nintendonut888 MarisaB 103962370 2008-10-17 15:40:47 Normal   My very first try at lunatic since beating hard mode 6 months ago. I really was not exp...
EoSD Lunatic 0.688% N
Druid MarisaA 99474800 2008-10-21 17:40:12 Normal   Cleared? See by yourself XD
EoSD Extra 0.539% Y
nintendonut888 MarisaB 98067020 2008-10-21 19:02:13 Normal   This is actually the first hard mode run I've even attempted since my first 1cc. One ma...
EoSD Hard 0.659% Y
Vi ReimuB 122764300 2008-10-23 19:55:08 Normal   You must be *this* bad to 1cc Hard. No worse (or less lucky).
EoSD Hard 0.380% Y
Zengeku ReimuA 75968650 2008-11-08 02:06:01 Normal   My highscore of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil easy. Nothing special here.
EoSD Easy 0.378% Y
Arbiter of Chaos MarisaA 48940820 2008-11-11 07:00:16 Normal   I think my biggest problem is moving around ... it's what I get for over-caffeinating m...
EoSD Normal 0.506% N
nintendonut888 MarisaB 94990520 2008-11-14 20:54:21 Normal   I have returned from PC-98 land with 3 default life lunatic clears, and am now ready to...
EoSD Lunatic 0.722% N
Ciriatto MarisaA 66726610 2008-11-15 17:14:15 Normal   *cries in the corner* I've been trying to clear EoSD for a while now. If I hadn't scre...
EoSD Normal 6.645% N
Ciriatto MarisaA 63887960 2008-11-16 12:55:37 Normal   YES! After that stupid close failure last night, I knew I could do it! I have finally...
EoSD Normal 7.976% Y
Azareph ReimuA 108180380 2008-11-17 21:01:11 Normal   Double KO on Flansock. Still haven't beaten this extra yet but I have only played EoSD'...
EoSD Extra 0.159% N
nintendonut888 MarisaA 88462130 2008-11-17 21:35:29 Normal   Maze of Love and Starbow Break capture. Some stupid moments, but I feel proud of this run.
EoSD Extra 0.475% Y
nintendonut888 MarisaB 119081130 2008-11-19 22:30:06 Normal   Hey guys, guess what I can do? I can haz 1cc? :3
EoSD Lunatic 0.649% Y
Azareph ReimuA 190348710 2008-11-20 21:42:45 Normal   My first clear of extra. The beginning I had done so many times I had it down pat. Patc...
EoSD Extra 0.223% Y
Rabbit ReimuA 82486950 2008-11-22 17:26:22 Normal   My first 1cc of something that matters. It was bittersweet, some shocking captures on ...
EoSD Normal 0.370% Y
Azareph ReimuA 124096870 2008-11-23 13:54:27 Normal   My first 1cc on hard with default lives ever on any game. I had some stupid deaths most...
EoSD Hard 0.419% Y
fallensoul MarisaA 125385960 2008-11-26 12:42:19 Normal   First time 1ccing hard at tEoSD. It is not very good... Even not broke my high score on...
EoSD Hard 4.239% Y
nintendonut888 MarisaA 96123220 2008-11-28 00:16:51 Normal   My best extra clear by far. No deaths on the stage, Royal Flare captured, perfect Fland...
EoSD Extra 0.258% Y
nintendonut888 ReimuA 94664600 2008-11-28 19:03:47 Normal   XD I can't believe I cleared even on a run like this...I start out with a death, but I ...
EoSD Extra 0.262% Y
Ciriatto MarisaA 70135230 2008-11-28 21:40:02 Normal   Holy shit! I can't believe I lost! Flandre is the reason I started playing Touhou, ...
EoSD Extra 19.784% N
fallensoul ReimuB 124024450 2008-11-29 02:54:49 Normal   Bomb flood. @_@
EoSD Hard 2.112% Y
Ciriatto MarisaA 103474980 2008-11-30 21:33:04 Normal   FINALLY! I have finally fulfilled my purpose for playing Touhou! I have found the sou...
EoSD Extra 17.952% Y
fallensoul MarisaB 118750590 2008-12-01 01:55:39 Normal   How to waste a good run... Good run till stage 4 (missed once at Water Elf). EPIC FAI...
EoSD Hard 1.142% N
fallensoul MarisaB 159130310 2008-12-02 10:24:39 Normal   So... Marisa with lazahs 1cc Hard. After three days of disgusting tries. I don't know ...
EoSD Hard 1.396% Y
Rabbit ReimuA 90232160 2008-12-03 11:31:44 Normal   What was supposed to be a pretty good run quickly turned into one of the most embarassi...
EoSD Normal 0.537% N
Sapzdude/no1knew MarisaB 87559750 2008-12-06 19:38:23 Normal   Extra mode finally cleared. :D
EoSD Extra 0.121% Y
Giga ReimuB 642800 2008-12-08 16:35:44 Normal Pacifist Hey, Giga again. This one's an EoSD pacifist run, on normal. I died four times to Cirno...
EoSD Normal 0.422% N
Garlyle MarisaB 70087940 2008-12-09 19:14:11 Normal   First game-clear of any Touhou title, by me. Nothing spectacular.
EoSD Normal 3.003% Y
Dwarffi MarisaA 70214750 2008-12-12 09:25:54 Normal   I think this is my best run to date, even though I only made it to Scarlet Netherworld....
EoSD Normal 0.631% N
Dwarffi MarisaA 78127330 2008-12-15 10:38:35 Normal   Just when I was doing good I COMPLETELY blew it in Stage 6 T_T
EoSD Normal 0.620% N
Rabbit MarisaB 78294620 2008-12-15 18:47:07 Normal   Standard run, epic failure against China, Sakuya and Remilia. Not one of my best runs ...
EoSD Normal 0.583% N
SodiumPeroxide MarisaB 92678810 2008-12-21 21:01:21 Normal   First Hard 1cc
EoSD Hard 0.389% Y
Arkenryu MarisaB 90606760 2008-12-22 16:41:08 Normal Other Condition A 1cc of EoSD I decided to do for two reasons; I haven't played for about a week or so,...
EoSD Hard 0.368% Y
Ciriatto ReimuB 67588230 2008-12-22 23:17:18 Normal   ReimuB 1cc Normal. Just to unlock Extra for Reimu. And ReimuB kinda plays like Marisa...
EoSD Normal 7.319% Y
SodiumPeroxide MarisaB 102002670 2008-12-23 11:36:50 Normal   Really bad run of EoSD Extra, but it has a capture of Cranberry Trap, which some people...
EoSD Extra 0.190% N
Arkenryu MarisaB 73155160 2008-12-23 12:03:59 Normal Other Condition Just a replay to show someone the weird way I do Cranberry Trap.
EoSD Extra 0.202% N
GTR MarisaB 248857180 2009-09-26 16:16:07 Normal   how i dodge boolit
EoSD Lunatic 0.253% Y
Some fans speculate... MarisaA 245528190 2009-09-26 17:55:18 Normal   {{citation needed}}
EoSD Hard 0.268% Y
Kitsumi ReimuB 63632300 2009-09-26 19:29:26 Normal   EoSD fail.
EoSD Normal 1.655% N
Azinth ReimuB 250650060 2009-09-26 20:01:31 Normal   250M. Stage 6 went really badly, so it could've been better, but still...
EoSD Lunatic 1.349% Y
SodiumPeroxide MarisaA 118315260 2008-12-26 18:35:56 Normal   First Extra Clear Almost died at the end
EoSD Extra 0.181% Y
fallensoul MarisaA 76381280 2008-12-27 19:25:19 Normal   Well... a random attempt of Lunatic level. Owned by Patchy.
EoSD Lunatic 2.272% N
fallensoul MarisaB 112145770 2008-12-28 08:17:09 Normal   Oh~ This time go through stage 5 till Sakuyasan's last non-spell. Damn non-directional...
EoSD Lunatic 2.723% N
theshim MarisaA 113165390 2008-12-28 17:38:49 Normal   A Flandre Clear! Not the best, not even close, but it's a clear!
EoSD Extra 0.166% Y
essen ReimuA 83412110 2009-01-04 06:42:16 Normal   Been a while since I last played this game. All cards captured etc.
EoSD Easy 0.448% Y
essen ReimuB 80554750 2009-01-04 07:04:31 Normal   All cards again, this time with 2 stupid deaths. 2 more to go.
EoSD Easy 0.476% Y
essen MarisaA 80180770 2009-01-04 07:26:55 Normal   All cards again, this time with 3 stupid deaths. I'm becoming stupider. And god does Ma...
EoSD Easy 0.464% Y
essen MarisaB 82422130 2009-01-04 07:55:18 Normal   I think the word was "bored". But at least it's done, all easy cards got on first try, ...
EoSD Easy 0.412% Y
fallensoul MarisaA 85027500 2009-01-09 15:03:52 Normal Other Condition Forum TouhouBrasil Challenges. EoSD Challenge: Stage 1 no-vertical, stage 2 no-focus no...
EoSD Normal 2.738% Y
Nuclear Fusion MarisaA 100941730 2009-01-11 07:42:15 Normal Other Condition Flandre cleared! And a first time capture of Catodioptric!
EoSD Extra 0.376% Y
wordspoken ReimuA 66343790 2009-01-11 11:56:17 Normal   Otherwise would have been a decent run, but almost all deaths are about running stupidl...
EoSD Normal 0.371% N
Zengeku ReimuA 99200550 2009-01-11 12:46:20 Normal   This is a complete playthrough of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. It was meant to be shown...
EoSD Normal 0.438% Y
Fia ReimuA 90535930 2009-01-12 09:09:44 Normal   Hard Mode 1cc~
EoSD Hard 0.759% Y
leodamine ReimuA 4735430 2009-01-15 20:04:55 Normal Other Condition wow I sucked
EoSD Easy 0.664% N
leodamine MarisaB 58985870 2009-01-15 20:06:31 Normal Other Condition I've gotten better, but I still need work
EoSD Normal 0.457% N
Heartbeam ReimuB 91422620 2009-01-16 19:25:54 Normal    
EoSD Easy 0.406% Y