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User Game Character Type Difficulty Cleared
Tool-Assisted Replay (not marked by original uploader) Tool-Assisted Replay No Deaths No Focused Movement No Bomb Usage No Vertical Movement Pacifist Other Condition
Special Conditions Key
No Focused Movement No Bomb Usage No Vertical Movement No Deaths Tool-Assisted Replay Tool-Assisted Replay (not marked by original uploader) Pacifist Other Condition
No Focus No Bombs No Vertical No Deaths Tool-Assisted Unmarked
Tool Assist
Pacifist Other
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Player Character Score Date
Type Special
Game Difficulty Slow % Clear? ⇑
Otter MarisaA 109411190 2007-01-22 03:08:34 Normal   Failed MarisaA attempt. Clearly my best run to this point, though. lol at death to ...
EoSD Extra 0.201% N
Jo'ou Ranbu MarisaA 73043570 2007-01-28 17:33:24 Normal   EoSD Normal rep, MarisaA. Got up to Remilia, capped two cards and died stupidly to a no...
EoSD Normal 42.224% N
Halbarad MarisaB 72968340 2007-01-28 19:47:44 Normal   MarisaB. Best EoSD run to date - could have done better on Sakuya and Patchy, but not b...
EoSD Normal 0.369% N
Finali ReimuB 207449860 2007-01-28 20:27:49 Normal   ReimuB. Best run I have to date, basically.
PCB Normal 1.350% N
Jo'ou Ranbu SakuyaB 174297970 2007-01-30 17:20:09 Normal   Extra rep with SakB. It's lol fail, but at least I got past Ultimate Buddhist.
PCB Extra 5.456% N
Gatewalker ReimuB 42085720 2007-02-05 10:06:31 Normal   ReimuB run, just for the hell of it. First time using her.
PCB Easy 0.443% N
Gatewalker ReimuB 42085720 2007-02-05 10:32:10 Normal   ReimuB run, just for the hell of it. First time using her.
PCB Easy 0.443% N
Gatewalker SakuyaA 70425830 2007-02-05 10:33:02 Normal   SakA run. My best oe yet on 1 credit.
PCB Easy 0.540% N
Finali ReimuB 172402010 2007-02-07 19:34:24 Normal   Best Hard run I have, yadda x3.
PCB Hard 1.132% N
Finali ReimuB 235755840 2007-02-08 19:41:35 Normal   Better run and such.
PCB Hard 0.827% N
E-mouse SakuyaA 126172450 2007-03-09 14:30:02 Normal   Fatmus sucks. :(
PCB Easy 40.062% N
E-mouse SakuyaA 160677670 2007-03-09 16:15:12 Normal   Showing improvement but I got sloppy.
PCB Easy 0.469% N
E-mouse SakuyaA 184359800 2007-03-12 14:36:26 Normal   Blah, so very sloppy. Still got close, though. But in my own defense, I was having trou...
PCB Easy 40.264% N
Finali ReimuB 151908790 2007-03-22 18:44:16 Normal   Least fail Extra run to date.
PCB Extra 0.077% N
Halbarad ReimuB 133114990 2007-03-22 19:13:37 Normal No Vertical Movement No vertical run. Rather unique in the challenges it presents; Red-Haired Dutch Dolls wa...
PCB Easy 8.621% N
Laggy ReimuA 85582990 2007-04-04 19:18:51 Normal   ReimuA in EoSD Extra. Insane enough to start with. This replay makes me -cry- at the en...
EoSD Extra 0.320% N
Finali ReimuB 250624570 2007-04-11 16:33:15 Normal   Unspectacular run, but watch how fast Merlin kicks the bucket...
PCB Hard 0.711% N
Talaysen Reimu 507581330 2007-04-25 00:29:11 Normal   Almost cleared, but panicked at the end.
IN Normal 0.094% N
Laggy MarisaA 446553070 2007-04-28 19:40:19 Normal   And so Laggy tries to run Lunatic again without the power of Cheesekuya. This one's Mar...
PCB Lunatic 0.587% N
Otter ReimuA 217497040 2007-05-02 20:41:15 Normal No Bomb UsageOther Condition ReimuA, focus ONLY, no bombs! Perfect up till the Prismrivers. Youmu was death, predi...
PCB Normal 1.961% N
E-mouse Reimu & Yukari 632277900 2007-05-06 17:50:32 Normal   SUDDENLY, FROM OUT OF NOWHERE, DAN FUCKING HIBIKI! Just barely made it to Kaguya, wh...
IN Normal 0.521% N
Otter ReimuA 255989060 2007-05-14 21:08:30 Normal No Focused Movement Phantasm ReimuA nofocus! Haha.
PCB Phantasm 4.232% N
E-mouse MarisaB 79455510 2007-05-27 20:12:49 Normal   This game is kicking my ass so hard. ;_;
EoSD Normal 40.075% N
Talaysen MarisaB 57093450 2007-05-28 18:58:29 Normal   Got pretty close on this one.
EoSD Normal 0.373% N
Taishyr MarisaB 59520170 2007-05-30 18:25:18 Normal   EoSD Normal. Got to Boss Sakuya. Please note I suck at bombing.
EoSD Normal 0.702% N
Otter ReimuA 88100000 2007-05-30 19:41:14 Normal   Laggy insisted that I humiliate myself with a ReimuA run of Lunatic EoSD, so I just wen...
EoSD Lunatic 0.332% N
Otter SakuyaB 362192430 2007-06-03 16:28:34 Normal   SakuyaB Lunatic. Terrible, I barely get to stage six. Upping it so Laggy can comment ...
PCB Lunatic 0.279% N
Otter ReimuA 166978160 2007-06-14 23:55:12 Normal   ReimuA Lunatic. Really awful run meant more as a warmup than anything else, I mess up ...
PCB Lunatic 0.193% N
Smashy ReimuB 550875770 2007-07-04 15:50:57 Normal   ;_;
PCB Hard 1.533% N
Talaysen MarisaA 54754750 2007-07-26 22:40:43 Normal    
EoSD Normal 0.357% N
Alex ReimuA 295818840 2007-08-17 16:27:43 Normal   First Extra clear. Hilarious moments, Reimu A wins. Shame I didn't perfect the midbos...
MoF Extra 0.010% N
FallenAngelV ReimuB 778903990 2007-08-18 18:53:12 Normal   Thought it'd take longer to get a no-deaths Extra clear. Ah well.
MoF Extra 0.110% N
Laggy ReimuB 17965960 2007-08-21 02:27:03 Practice
Stage 6
  Hahahahahaha. Uh yeah. Alex said I should upload this (and it's truly a barrel of lulz)...
MoF Hard 0.280% --
Alex ReimuA 241591580 2007-08-23 06:06:37 Normal   Hahahahahahaha
MoF Lunatic 0.000% N
Shale SakuyaA 120725040 2007-08-27 21:55:28 Normal   Not even a cleared run, but the best I've done so far. (I suck at Touhou. I accept this...
PCB Easy 3.983% N
Fia Reimu & Yukari 20832910 2009-04-05 06:47:08 Card
No. 085
  Marisa's "Event Horizon". I wanted to find an easy way to capture this card. This works...
IN Lunatic 1.852% N
Talaysen SakuyaA 162563200 2007-09-05 13:44:25 Normal   Worst stage 6 EVER.
PCB Normal 0.213% N
Talaysen ReimuA 133540620 2007-09-07 22:04:22 Normal   Easily my best run ever. Would've cleared it, except long final card is looooong.
MoF Normal 0.020% N
Alex ReimuC 45780520 2008-08-28 02:11:43 Practice
Stage 6
  For Otter.
SA Hard 0.140% --