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Player: Omega
Game: Imperishable Night - Normal
Game Version: 1.00d
Date Uploaded: 2018-01-15 12:58:57
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 989609250
Slowdown: 0.000%
Character: Reimu & Yukari
Cleared: Yes
Comments: [PT-BR] Minha primeira vez completando o IN usando o time Reimu & Yukari. Provavelmente um bom tutorial para novatos. Bem nao tem muito o que se dizer sobre o touhou mais facil entre todos, se vc ja jogou e completou algum touhou antes desse, provavelmente vai ter um belo de um descanso jogando esse. [ENG] My first time clearing IN using Reimu & Yukari. Probably an good tutorial for new players. There's not too much to talk about the easiest touhou so if you played and cleared another Touhou before that, you probably gonna have an good time.
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