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Player: Ichthyosaur_
Game: Mountain of Faith - Lunatic
Game Version: 1.00a
Date Uploaded: 2018-01-01 19:44:15
Replay type: Practice: Stage 6
Score: 886750
Slowdown: 0.000%
Character: ReimuC
Challenges: No DeathsNo Bomb Usage
Cleared: No
Comments: Starting the new year off right (though I will need to get used to eosd movement again ;_;). This spell lasts so long with ReimuC. Used SpoilerAL with Akaldar's ssg. My heart hurts because I would feel like I would be close to killing her like 10 times, but have roughly 1-4 inches of hp left. This took 131 blind attempts and took roughly an hour 45 min. This cap had ok? rng, no real walls, or micro (thank god because I don't know how to do it rn lol). My reading here was on point though and saved me from micro and bad situations in general. It just felt easier. I also have 0 idea if misdirections work on this spell, it feels like it (or just getting used to all areas of the bottom screen). I felt like I did slight misdirections in the run. This also hurt my eyes slightly because of all the colors and reading?. And I am not doing 7 shits in 7 toilets aka mof extra any time soon. I feel as if eosd skills don't translate well to any other game, my experience in IN, PCB (except ran and yukari?), and mof extra reflect that. VoWG clicked for me, though it was probably reimu feeling surprisingly good and vowg being the reading and breakdancing gorilla spellcard. Had a 16th double ko blind attempt prior. Listened to eirin's theme, jumping from mainly kanako's theme, and at the last grind to utsuho, to yukari, and finally to eirin. This cap was for Flariz, though I'm going to fucking hate you as soon as I do eosd tomorrow because I got used to mof reimu movement lol. I got 4 1m, and my first attempt was a 3m surprisingly. As as side note, my english dat is fucky. Naming the th10e.dat to th10, and replacing the th10j that way crashes the game on start. The english exe, jap exe, jap dat all works. But if I were to launch with english dat, even with english exe, it crashes. Launching the english exe with japanese dat causes that unicode shit to happen, so I'll just do 100% jap. Any other combo of the 3 previously stated works. Also can't screenshot ingame, so I used obs to record, then saved a picture of my history from mpc-hc.
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