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Player: Ichthyosaur_
Game: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Lunatic
Game Version:
Date Uploaded: 2017-12-17 17:51:26
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 119835830
Slowdown: 0.044%
Character: ReimuA
Challenges: No Bomb Usage
Cleared: No
Comments: I need a fucking christmas miracle to pull this off. Derusted after 5 days, and had bad irl obligations. Don't ask about Remi's 2nd non. Dying to qed fairies? ok, understandable, those freak me out too. Dying to remi's 2nd non. lol. Died to meiling kunai non, chaotic dance, books, (had lucky stage 4 dodging), 2nd fire, illusion (that kunai was a fucking illusion), sakuya 1st non wall, (lucky 2nd and 3rd non), low rank fucking kd, meek, remi 2nd non. Didn't do ydl since my failed attempt and capped it. Also, I was wrong, my real replays like in my hnb days was CHOKEAAA, not AAAAAAAA. FUCK MEILING, KARATE ASS FAILED GATEKEEPER. Also, to warm up the hands, playing frisbee helps! and makes my keyboard not like shit sweat.
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