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Player: Ichthyosaur_
Game: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Extra
Game Version:
Date Uploaded: 2017-12-09 13:35:19
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 125989920
Slowdown: 0.031%
Character: ReimuB
Challenges: No Bomb Usage
Cleared: Yes
Comments: CLUTCHED QED WITH 0 LIVES EZPZLMNSQZ. This replay is pretty funny. I died 4 times to memo (1 laeva, 1 maze, 2 in the beginning of 495). I was really, really tilted (to the point where I was yelling at the screen), after tilting derusting of kd, ethical meek, sg, meister, il. This was my 1st real run after 1 hr? that made it to Flan, I died so many times to patchy's 1st and 2nd spells, and at the end streaming fairies. I just started flan on accident because I hit extra instead of start for lnb runs lol. I haven't even practiced Flan since my reimua nb, but I did do qed caps with her some months ago. "[2:13 PM] Ichthyosaur_: omg wtf reimub has a 2x easier qed than reimua". This is a pretty gorilla replay. On a reflection, I need to stop getting tilted, I have a bruise on my head. I need to get confidence much more easily and stop setting stupid tilting goals like "getting X 3x in a row and then I'm fucking done" when I should be doing more efficient practice. Ever since my remi nn, my keyboard has gotten "stickier" and I'm not sure if it's that fly that happened 3 weeks ago, because I gently washed my table and keyboard roughly 10 times already, maybe it's just the oils that was on the keyboard earlier faded away with my washing. My hands have felt less "good" ever since my remi nn as well, having an annoying sweat. Ever since it got much colder, I got less in the mood/performance to play touhou as well as opposed to my comfy 77-80 degrees. It's my first time playing touhou with the cold and I'm playing worse, stupid as it sounds. Because of the keyboard and the weather, I feel much less confident in remi than I did when I was doing practice on her right before my lnn of her. Since my remi nn, I've also started getting much, much more tilted, having less game confidence, and having less self esteem and confidence in irl. I never thought about breaking my keyboard, crying, or yelling at my screen until remi happened. Funny and ironic that remi would win after I lnn'd her. Hopefully, I will beat her in christmas break. Though the weather is cold, and keyboard "bad", I've gotten the last 4 goals from a prolonged break from school, and I feel it's my only real chance to beat her before the year.
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