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Player: Ichthyosaur_
Game: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Extra
Game Version:
Date Uploaded: 2017-08-26 11:50:46
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 140001810
Slowdown: 0.059%
Character: ReimuA
Challenges: No Bomb Usage
Cleared: Yes
Comments: Though not needed to say, I am proud of this completed run. It isn't necessarily as thrilling, exciting, or giddy, nor did it bring as much exciting joy, but I am proud, though less so as I probably did this sooner than I thought (at least when I started and I still am very inconsistent and unskilled at this). I looked up mauler/Mikkey's way of "and then there was none" and nailed it 1st time (literally wrote coordinates of where he was on a flashcard I looked at lol), and unfortunately, almost capped qed (though that was my 1st time as well). Deep mouth breathing not consistent? 1st extra, 1st extra NB. Probably shouldn't have scrolled through the ending conversation, but adrenaline. Started seriously on 8/20/17.
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