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Player: ILikeBulletZ
Game: Perfect Cherry Blossom - Easy
Game Version: 1.00b
Date Uploaded: 2017-06-21 20:08:38
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 232444700
Slowdown: 0.249%
Character: SakuyaA
Cleared: Yes
Comments: My very first 1cc EVER and my first Touhou Achievement as a whole, done in 2013 July 2nd, after about a week of practice. Yes, run is about as good as you would expect from a first 1cc: CRINGE AS HELL. But... It also marked the start of my Touhou career, I dont really dislike it or anything, I just think its hilarious how, a few years ago, I had to actively train for 1 week just to get an Easy 1cc xDDD. So I really need to save this run forever in a secure place like this one :) Run also doubles as a "Look how generous PCB is with its resources, and also look at how easy SakuyA makes the entire game for quick and easy 1cc" example.
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