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Player: Alex
Game: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Hard
Game Version:
Date Uploaded: 2007-01-31 01:35:27
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 114484320
Slowdown: 0.365%
Character: MarisaA
Cleared: Yes
Comments: Hard 1CC, Marisa A. High point of the run is PERFECTING Patchy other than one bomb on Sylphae Horn High. Those would be my first-ever caps on Agni Radiance and, more astonishingly, Lava Cromlech (on Hard). Other high point is bombing the heck out of everything past Patch, which is WHAT YOU SHOULD DO. Actually I would have bombed Patch too if I had any left, you can see spots where I unfocus to bomb and run up, then scream as I have no bombs. Low points include many, many stupid deaths prior to Patch, and one very stupid and very painful hit on Scarlet Gensokyo that put the 1cc into sudden doubt. Basically nothing is safe to cap on stages 5 and 6 except the things that I do here, Jack, and Sakuya's stage 6 normal; the latter two just cut me bad patterns on this run. Remi was very nice on her 'Scarlet Shoot' normal, allowing me to safely demonstrate the trick for it. HEY LAGGY MISDIRECTION IS NOT DIFFICULT CAP IT MORE.
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