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Player: Alex
Game: Shoot the Bullet
Game Version: 1.02a
Date Uploaded: 2007-01-30 19:18:13
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 286690
Slowdown: 0.240%
Character: Aya
Cleared: Yes
Comments: Shikieiki's [Judgement "Bar of the Ten Kings"]. Words cannot describe how frustrating this card is. Definitely the worst in the game for me. Over 2600 photos taken before a clear. The first four phases can be done in several ways, I use the fastest method for the first two and then try for score on 3 and 4 out of boredom. 5 is trivial and mainly useful to stall until Shiki gets into a position you like for the start of phase 6. 6 and 7 are pure pain. The patterns in this rep are actually pretty average, I've seen much worse and much better, and as you can see only INSANE hax cuts it on 'average' barrages. The last three phases are easy if you can keep your heart rate down, no small job considering that this is only the fifth time or so I've actually SEEN them (they will kill you if you screw up!). Old one was the wrong rep. Oops.
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