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Player: Laggy
Game: Perfect Cherry Blossom - Lunatic
Game Version: 1.00b
Date Uploaded: 2007-01-21 20:29:54
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 558989450
Slowdown: 1.460%
Character: SakuyaB
Cleared: Yes
Comments: Probably the most difficult clear to me as of date, by far, unless I finally manage to get my head out of a rutch and stomp EoSD Lunatic. This features a toooon of fail on stage 6, where I enter Yuyu already on the cusp of death and then stupidly die many many times (opener! FAN!) and think the entire run is in doubt. Well, SakuyaB bomb stock for the frickin' win. Pulled this off in the wee hours of the morning at Alex's residence on Thanksgiving week.
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