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Player: Alex
Game: Phantasmagoria of Flower View - Lunatic
Game Version: ԉf ver 1.50a
Date Uploaded: 2007-01-30 03:15:46
Replay type: Story Mode
Score: None entered
Slowdown: N/A
Character: Medicine
Cleared: Yes
Comments: No lives lost(!!) Lunatic Story Mode clear. Popular belief notwithstanding, Aya is not the best character vs the AI - I think the last two matches here prove that rather conclusively. Vs Yuka is the only time I was ever in any danger. Aspiring players might be interested in the 'warmups' I do, namely heading to the top at the start of the match and staying there as long as possible, and trying to spam the L1 attack instead of regular fire. Gets you in the mood, you know? Uh, don't try that unfocused with another character, though - Medicine's special power is that she can't be bodyslammed by ghosts.
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