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Player: Alex
Game: Shoot the Bullet
Game Version: 1.02a
Date Uploaded: 2007-01-24 16:49:28
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 484930
Slowdown: 0.000%
Character: Aya
Cleared: Yes
Comments: Prolly the hardest card on stage 10 despite being only 6 shots. Sikieiki's [Judgment "Guilty or Not Guilty"], her signature giant laser plus evil bubbles. This one is exactly as hard as it looks. Figuring out the timing for the bubbles is rather difficult, I personally found that the speed you get when unfocused and holding down + left or right on the bottom is about right for me to dodge them. You need to take your shots in the big holes that open up in the pattern every once in a while... except that for the last photo, the bubble pattern completes, and there is no hole, so a suicidal run up is required.
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