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Player: Alex vs Laggy
Game: Phantasmagoria of Flower View - Normal
Game Version: ԉf ver 1.50a
Date Uploaded: 2007-07-22 12:18:09
Replay type: Match - Human vs. Human (Normal)
Score: None entered
Slowdown: N/A
Character: Reisen (5.0 life) vs. Lunasa (5.0 life)
Cleared: No
Comments: Alex is P1 (Reisen), Laggy is P2 (Lunasa). This is our classic matchup, the one we start with almost everytime we meet in PoFV and likely, by far, our most even matchup. Round 1 was kind of a flop but the replay is noteworthy for a ridiculously epic round 2, where both players had reached max combo gauge and maintained it for a lengthy amount of time. Definitely one of our better matches.
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