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Player: Laggy
Game: Imperishable Night - Hard
Game Version: 1.00d
Date Uploaded: 2007-04-30 03:21:26
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 1109523880
Slowdown: 0.731%
Character: Reimu
Challenges: No Focused Movement
Cleared: Yes
Comments: Reimu (solo), no focus challenge. Alex challenged me to do this a while back and Hal also wanted a Reimu run through IN Hard, so I decided to kill two birds with one stones and knock it out here. Last time I tried though I got utterly wiped off the face of the earth (like 2 lives after stage 3? Yeaaaah.) This time... well you'll see. It's not quite so bad. Hourai Elixir makes for one hell of an anticlimatic finisher when you're using NF Reimu, though. ;_; FinalA route, obviously, because B is lame and Kaguya is lame and Hourai Parasite Jewel is lame supreme central with Reimu solo.
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