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Player: Finali
Game: Perfect Cherry Blossom - Phantasm
Game Version: 1.00b
Date Uploaded: 2007-04-27 20:25:05
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 463979970
Slowdown: 0.386%
Character: ReimuB
Cleared: Yes
Comments: Cleared with 0/2. Comments: Stage: Went pretty well, part at the end can go die. Curse of Dreams and Reality: It looks so easy yet I've only capped it once. Huh. Balance of Motion and Stillness: Argh. I can't see the method behind this one. Mesh of Light and Darkness: Is an easier version of Ran's, so it ends up being fairly simple. Xanadu of Straight and Curve: Also easier, although I tend to bomb it with very little to go. Yakumo Yukari's Spiriting Away: Is still easier, although I was pretty bad at this card before. Bewitching Butterfly Living in the Zen Temple: I still don't exactly know how I managed to do that. Oh well. Double Black Death Butterfly: I'm bad at judging the hit box of the knives, so I toss as many bombs at this as I can. Ran Yakumo: Capped in the usual manner. Boundary of Humans and Youkai: I actually seemed to have this one halfway figured out this time, which allowed me to minimize my bomb usage. Still so much hate, I've probably had around 75-80% of runs end here. Boundary of Life and Death: Izuna Gongan with an extra step. Once the cyan shots come out, it generally becomes a bomb-fest, especially with the butterflys which are hard to see in the madness. Danmaku Bounded Field: Yeah, I'll actually TRY this card in a later run.
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