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Player: Halbarad
Game: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Extra
Game Version:
Date Uploaded: 2007-04-21 17:52:38
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 127605330
Slowdown: 0.138%
Character: MarisaA
Cleared: Yes

0/1 clear. Okay, NOW I'll comment on it (yay new editing system). Haxier than usual Super Fairy fun (although I usually take crazy risks on Super Fairy anyway - stuff that close to the beginning of a run I'll take stupid risks on). 2/3 on Patchy, pretty typical - Philosopher's Stone isn't worth the risk to try capping. Semi-dumb bomb on books, but a 4/1 start on Flandre isn't bad.

Beautiful run on Flandre up to Maze of Love; Cranberry Trap cost me a bomb (typical) and Maze of Love was a heartbreaker. Probably would have died on the normal immediately after (that thing drives me nuts at max rank) so it probably worked out about the same either way.
Somewhat needless bomb on Starbow Break; have yet to cap the card and on review I was actually clear but given how well the run was going I figured safe was better than sorry.
Stupid twitch death on Catadioptric. No further comment.
Another rather stupid collection bomb on the normal immediately after, which cost me a life on Counter Clock. Other than the death (which should have been a bomb instead) about as well as I ever expect to do on CC. Rest of the run was just judicious use of bombs and trying not to panic on QED.

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