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Player: Laggy
Game: Perfect Cherry Blossom - Hard
Game Version: 1.00b
Date Uploaded: 2007-04-16 06:00:16
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 554435140
Slowdown: 0.610%
Character: ReimuB
Challenges: No Focused Movement
Cleared: Yes
Comments: ReimuB, no focus... more notably, a 4am run after a very sleep-deprived Laggy. This showcases just how bad your danmaku skills can be when you aren't paying attention - I'm godawful sloppy this run, doing stellar things like failing to cap Undulation Ray, deathbombing stage 2 randoms, dying on Chen, dying to Reincarnated Tibetan Dolls -twice-, dying to Revised Concerto Grosso -twice-, ramming stupid stupid deaths against Youmu... there's so much fail here that I don't know where to begin. Bring it down to the wire by starting at 2/1 against Yuyu and scrape a miraculous win involving lots of bombs and breaking the Laggy curse on Rezzy B (which was squared off at 0/1 starting). Yeah. Weird that my first NF PCB Hard clear would be so full of abject failure. >_>
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