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Player: Alex
Game: Imperishable Night - Extra
Game Version: 1.00d
Date Uploaded: 2007-04-05 01:40:47
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 1078569470
Slowdown: 0.288%
Character: Marisa & Alice
Cleared: Yes
Comments: Magic Team Extra clear. AKA the scrubbiest Extra clear to ever scrub scrubbyness, but a clear nonetheless. Caps are Flying Phoenix, Xu Fu, annnnnd I think that's more or less it - might have gotten Next History. Since many spellcards force you out from under the boss, Magic Team has to forgo the idea of trying to cap everything and relying on deathbombs, and instead learn when to use Master Spark and Malice Cannon to bruteforce through stuff. Fortunately, Master Spark and Malice Cannon are very, very good at bruteforcing. Werecow is an utter pain, I meant to use Master Spark on all three of her cards, but got hit instead on the second one. If you somehow have a bomb in stock at the Death Fairy, Master Spark it *immediately* to avoid a bomb kill, or don't focus and try for Magipulation. Notable differences on Mokou include: Firebirds takes a lot longer but fortunately isn't much harder. Fast focus speed makes Xu Fu iffy - you have to tap up JUST a bit to avoid the red line spawning on your hitbox, but still be below the blue card cutoffs. Run before this got killed twice due to trying to get the position down on that. Phoenix Tail can destroy you pretty easily since Mokou stays in the center and forces you out with the aimed balls. Master Spark and Malice cannon mow down the normal attacks fast, especially nice on the very last one since you only need one Master Spark instead of two bombs from anyone else. Fujiyama Volcano is the real dealbreaker - you cannot afford to go overhead as that will just prolong the card and force more bombs. The method here is probably best and I actually came decently close to a cap, somehow. Possessed by Phoenix can be capped by shooting the familiars if you're feeling cheeky, I wasn't. Hourai Doll sucks a lot because the super-armor mechanics Mokou gets nerf Alice's damage into oblivion, and your long bombs just make the end harder. Still, it wasn't a horrible run - seeing 205 is theoretically possible with not much improvement if you can cap a card on Werecow and then Firebirds, Fujiwara, Xu Fu, Honest Man, and two of Woo/Phoenix Tail/Possessed.
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