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Player: Alex
Game: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Extra
Game Version:
Date Uploaded: 2007-04-04 06:02:59
Replay type: Normal run
Score: 86883420
Slowdown: 0.152%
Character: MarisaA
Cleared: Yes
Comments: FLANSOCKS ARE MINE! This is ridiculously hard and is the culmination of many many failed attempts. The death fairy before Patch, all three Patch cards, and the wall of books can all kill you or force a bomb, and all of those except Royal Flare are heavily luck-based. Flan-chan can screw you on nearly every attack by insisting on moving to the wrong places. Flansock Trap is a guaranteed bomb (possible to cap, but whenever I try I ram a shot anyways). The second normal is the hardest and WILL screw you if Flan doesn't hover over you (thankfully she usually does). Lavatein is a freepass unless you're so tired from doing 652972 runs that you back into a shot... yeah that's my excuse, at least Patch compensated but if I hadn't done that I could have felt much safer. 4 Flans Wearing 8 Flansocks can be easy or hell, but at least the clones take bomb damage so you can actually get rid of that one. Kagome Kagome is usually easy but can screw you totally out of nowhere. Maze of Flansock is hellish however you do it, so much that I opt to just take it at the bottom. Usually sucks up 1-2 bomb/deaths. This run... well, you'll see. >_< There is actually a safe spot in Starbow Socks where you can time it out easily - top left corner just a tad away from the edge. Positioning is harsh though, I messed it up in the run immediately preceding this one so I didn't try for it here. And of course Flan made me pay by insisting on hovering in the dense side of the screen at all times. Flansockdioptric should go about like that in every run, of course it almost never does. The last normal is cake and Laggy is a pansy for thinking otherwise. And Then Flandre Will Wear Socks is somewhat patterned but entirely retarded - that close to the end you don't want to take chances. I wonder if I could have capped QED with just a little more reaction on that one bit... OH WELL, NOT LIKE I'M EVER TOUCHING THIS AGAIN. Oh and this is actually not my highest score on the stage, go go EoSD scoring.
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