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Player: Laggy
Game: Imperishable Night -
Game Version: 1.00d
Date Uploaded: 2007-04-01 14:52:52
Replay type: Spellcard No.212: "Phoenix Rebirth"
Score: 73229720
Slowdown: 2.278%
Character: Yukari
Cleared: Yes
Comments: Spellcard No. 212 "Phoenix Rebirth", Mokou's Last Word. This one is basically her Flying Phoenix spellcard on crack, with the same principles reemphasized - decoy the first two shots, sweep to the side of the screen for the third and make it across in time while dodging the shots. The blue, red and purple shots all have patterned arc waves that you can make out and move in tune with to make the weaving easier, though it requires being calm.
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